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Massage Therapy in Newport Beach

Massage therapy is a non-pharmacological approach to pain management.
It improves muscular function, blood circulation, reduces stress hormone production, and lessens muscle tension.

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Traditional Massage Therapies

- Tranquil Massage -
- Full Body Stretch -
Hot Stone, CBD and Gua Sha add-ons available
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Specialty Massage Therapies

- Lomi Lomi -
- Lymphatic Drainage -
- Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage -
- Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage -
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Mobile Massage Now Available

Physical body pain is a universal problem that does not discriminate when considering a victim. Whether you are young or old, female or male, uphold an active lifestyle, or exhibit more sedentary behaviors, physical body pain can, and may affect your activities of daily living.

Other contributing factors like: poor posture, medical conditions, anatomical defects, accidents, and surgeries can increase our awareness of physical discomfort.  Most of us continue on without addressing these consequential issues. Often putting a damper on our quality of life, and having a profound impact on our psychology and social positions. NMT manual application delivers very effective results, and feels fantastic to receive. it’s a great approach to restoring the body while getting back to your normal conduct.

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As a Neuromuscular manual therapist, I am committed to helping the community in pain management. My approach to counteract your pain is to administer a detailed assessment, carry out thorough palpation of hypersensitive muscles, followed by specified touch on active trigger points. With your engagement, and my passion we can target those active problems areas together.
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